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Problems with Patent Search Today

Traditional patent search methods have significant limitations given the unreliable consistency in the quality of search results, the lack of guaranteed subject matter coverage for all possible inventions, and the exploding number of patents filed globally.

Keyword based search techniques which are not aligned with the search techniques recommended by the USPTO

Multiple classifications with over 1,000,000+ possible codes create the risk of overlooking critical concepts

To overcome limitations in search, methodologies can require ordering multiple search reports, leading to conflicting approaches and inflated expense

Static search methodologies which may miss or overlook important references

Not enough focus on finding references other than U.S. patents and applications

Our Solution

Having supported the USPTO for over a decade, Serco brings a unique level of expertise in patent classification and subject matter depth that leads to a robust discovery process for IP practitioners and corporate clients.

Our patent search service provides the strategic framework for a more efficient and successful approach to patent litigation involving validity or invalidity investigations as well as prosecution support for new inventions.

Grounded in accurate classification, Serco’s patent search ensures that all relevant avenues for investigation are uncovered to inform your strategic approach

Covers major classifications systems: United States Patent Classification (USPC), International Patent Classification (IPC), and Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC), Japanese Classification System (F/FI)

Provides an in-depth, easy-to-follow understanding of the relevant concepts and classification strategy that uncovers the most relevant bodies of art

A dynamic search strategy unique to each case which is based on a precise classification picture and expert claim analysis leads to focused, accurate and productive results

To find the needle, first make sure you are searching in the right haystack.

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