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Serco’s search service for patent validity and invalidity overcomes many of the limitations of traditional patent search reports with a detailed strategic analysis.

Our patent analysis services are directed by experts in patent classification with deep experience in relevant prior art search and supported by world-class automation and workflow tools.

The combination of expertise, process, and technology results in invaluable insights in crafting the right patent litigation strategy and directing highly targeted searches.

Our U.S.-based staff is available to collaborate with clients to meet needs for customized patent analysis and our reports are backed by the Serco 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Pinpoint the location of the most relevant prior art

This can include:

  • Classification of Claims Analysis – to pinpoint where each of a patent's claims could potentially be classified in the 1,000,000+ possible codes used by the USPC, CPC, IPC, and F/FI systems
  • Analysis of Invention & Claims – breaking down each of the potential disclosed inventive features and claims of a patent that need to be analyzed
  • Search Concept Mapping – identifying the possible relevance of each search concept that should guide the investigation and mapping them to the proper classification fields and relevant technical terminology synonyms
  • Examiner Search History – analysis of the recorded Examiner search history to identify potential gaps based on germane classification categories
  • Easy to Read Result Set - Analyzing the most relevant classification fields enables the identification of the most relevant prior art (exemplary documents) so as to refine search and litigation strategy
To find the needle, first make sure you are searching in the right haystack.

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