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Serco’s scope-defining tool offers analysis that can focus patent drafting and prosecution. We predict the most likely Art Unit for your invention based on our expertise with classification rule sets as well as paths to different Art Units based on variations in claim and disclosure scope.

Our experts analyze the description of an invention in advance of filing to determine which Art Unit (Examiners grouped as subject matter experts) a patent would be most likely routed to and map the relevant prior art and concepts. Further, our process can help the IP owner or attorney understand how changes in the invention description and claims could change the routing of an application and the implications of a more appropriate Art Unit for the application’s success.

Small changes in how claims are written, even a few words, can completely alter the examination path of a patent application. Routing of an application to an incorrect Art Unit may lead to a protracted process and even rejection of claims. A smoother process saves time for all participants - the inventor, attorneys, and the USPTO Examiners.

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Every path to Examination is unique. Choose your route.

Serco Classification Pre-Filing Analysis Report:

  • Informs drafting process to refine application before filing
  • Avoids placement in unexpected Art Unit
  • Saves time during prosecution with less back-and-forth with Examiner
  • Reduces rework of application and associated additional fees
To find the needle, first make sure you are searching in the right haystack.

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